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Why do you like to travel? (We have some reasons of our own.)

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Travel smart.

And have fun doing it.

When you travel, you want to engage in the places you visit and find the best they have to offer. Rankin & Greene designs handcrafted educational travel programs with a local flair that let you to do this.  Our trips are in Italy and the UK, with more destinations to come.

Rankin & Greene has the travel savvy, educational background and on-the-ground knowledge of our locations to make your visit exceptional.  Enjoy unprecedented access to sites that most tourists never see and meet the extraordinary people who live in the communities we visit. Get inside the next place you visit.

Please consider joining us.


Global travel has become too easy.

We bring back the adventure and romance of exploration.

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Some of our Upcoming Programs 


Iona Scottish Pilgrimage

26 June - 3 July 2019

A spiritual, cultural and historic exploration of landscape, sacred sites, and contemplative Christian spirituality on the island of Iona. SOLD OUT but ask about future dates!

Trip Leaders: Rev. Jenny Rankin and Rev. Tricia Brennan.

South from Rome

5-11 April 2020

Join a small group of enthusiastic and adventurous travellers in this exploration of the lesser-known and rarely visited treasures of southern Lazio and Campania.

Trip Leader: Tom Rankin, Architect

Building Rome

18-24 October 2020

Designed to give a small group of architectural enthusiasts, whether professionals or just aficionados, the ultimate full-immersion learning experience in and amongst the treasures of Rome.

Trip Leader: Tom Rankin, Architect

Tailored just for you

We specialize in listening to our clients and hand-crafting a travel itinerary, tailored just for them.

Equipped with years of experience and a deep knowledge of the places we offer, Rankin & Greene’s creative team works with institutional and private clients in a collaborative process that borrows from the world of design. 

Step by step, from initial consulting to post-event followup,  we transform your dreams and ideas into unique, custom-tailored programs.

After consultation with you, we provide a complete itinerary with instructions and contact information and during your program we provide expert lecturers each day and 24-7 on-the-ground assistance.