Throw open the windows of your soul

I don’t know why I’ve always liked these words from Marcus Aurelius; I know they may come off at first at sounding kind of harsh.

But I think he is on to something wise here. These words motivate me to think more deeply about how I am living and what parts of my life, my soul may need some “fresh air.”

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Jenny Rankin
Sketching amongst the masses

On Sunday I went out on my bike with the intention of filling some pages in a little sketchbook, pages that have been empty for too long. Somehow I found myself leaving Italy to enter Vatican City, inside St. Peter’s Basilica for the first time in years.

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Tom Rankin
On the trail of Margaret Fuller in Italy

I’ve always loved what Margaret Fuller wrote about the “miseries” of a New England spring. She wasn’t far off the truth. We get so hopeful this time of year. I even made the mistake of planting seeds in my garden one warm Saturday in March, totally jumping the gun! We are just eager to get on with it. But Fuller was right, the spring wind is sharp and cutting and cold.

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J Rankin