Join our small group (no more than six), off-the-beaten-track workshops.

Walks depart from the studio after a briefing and a chance to interrogate maps and peruse historic images. For the next three hours you will explore the city, admiring and discussing its architectural riches, occasionally stopping for a coffee or a snack, and stepping into a workshop or a cloister or descending to visit underground ruins.

  • Hands-on experience working with maps and measurements, timelines and time travel

  • The geographic area we cover is between Castel Sant’Angelo and Piazza Navona 

  • The historic periods run from the Etruscans to today’s Romans. 

  • These walks are carefully choreographed but, as Rome is unpredictable, they are also inevitably improvisational. And fun.

  • Our alumni have said that although the time flies quickly, they continue to process the experience for years to come. 

Signing up for the Studio Rome workshop unlocks a whole world of insider information about Rome that we have spent decades compiling. Participants in our workshops receive access to all of our resources, our studio in central Rome, maps, timelines, drawing materials, insider information about Rome (which we begin to share the moment you book). Not to mention refreshments along the way.