Our Vision

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The mission of Rankin & Greene is to create rich travel experiences for intellectually curious individuals and groups.

Our itineraries are hand-crafted, ranging from an afternoon walking tour to a week-long seminar. They help people go deep as they explore the history, art and culture of a particular place.   Our clients meet the people who live and work there. 

Rankin & Greene experiences are not a “drive-by” on a tour bus.  We match small groups of selected participants with local experts who take them on an in-depth, street-level exploration.

The “power of place” is at the heart of how we design our tours.  We believe that places can move and inspire.

We envision a form of “sustainable travel” that gives back to the places on which it thrives. We bring our clients into contact with local culture in a way that supports and sustains it, rather than threatening and degrading it.

We want travel to be as challenging and slow to consume as a good book, as exciting as mountain climbing, as tightly choreographed as a film shoot.